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Tales of TV Series .... in development


(family comedy/drama)

A widower with three children changes from handyman to a man of the cloth.

From handyman to clergyman...


Changing lives through sermons of service.

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(mystery/family drama)

A sudden, rare voice message —

from her father.

That's all she has left. 


And the family coat of arms

with the motto:


"I Byde My Tyme"

Now she must reconnect with her mother and siblings,

to let them know...


he's out there somewhere...


after all...


in the family drama TV Series pilot:   "Tyme to Come Home"

(mystery/adventure dramedy)

Like foolish, errant knights… on an errand…


three high school science teachers seek adventure

in the hidden wonders of the natural world...


as they stumble through paths of self-discovery,

courage and the foibles of human nature.

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